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Lingo is one of the most affordable Internet phone services. (Also known as "VoIP," or Voice over IP service.). Lingo offers unlimited local and long distance calls anywhere in the U.S. and to over 20 countries, plus over 20 calling features – all for only $21.95 per month. Lingo has quickly emerged as a top Internet phone service in a market projected to grow to 16.5 million U.S. consumers by 2008 (Frost & Sullivan).

To place and receive calls, customers only need a broadband Internet connection, a regular phone, and a Telephone Adapter --also called a “Lingo Box”-- which is provided for free when the customer subscribes. Lingo users save up to 50 percent over what traditional phone companies charge U.S. consumers for local and long distance calling services.

With more domestic and international coverage than any of the major Internet phone providers in the U.S. today, Lingo consumer and small business subscribers can select U.S. phone numbers from over 300 major markets, and international phone numbers from cities in 14 countries.

Lingo, a subsidiary of McLean, Virginia-based Primus Telecommunications Group, Incorporated (OTCBB:PRTL), provides this Internet phone service. Primus is a Fortune 1000 global communications company with operations in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia. Founded in 1994, Primus first entered the VoIP market in 1999 and owns and operates an extensive global network, including a VoIP network which spans 150 countries and carries nearly 2 billion minutes of worldwide VoIP traffic annually. For more information on Lingo or Primus, visit www.lingo.com or www.primustel.com.