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Customer Kudos

Verizon land line was charging me close to $100 per month for phone service… I'm paying $900 less per year now. I love Lingo!!!

Michael - Spruce, MI

I've had Lingo since August of 2004 and I'll NEVER go back to local service. You guys are the best!!! >

Michael - Chicago, IL

I just love it whenever I exit a cellphone store someone walks up to me to pitch their VoIP. I cheerfully inform them that I've been a satisfied customer of Lingo since August 2004!

Valerie – Florida

I've had lingo since May 2005. We have never had a problem. I loved being able to call international when ever I wanted during my husband’s two deployments to Japan.

Jessica – Florida

I absolutely LOVE your service!!! Not only can I call my family in Puerto Rico, but my husband can call his family in Canada, Ireland and England without any extra charges... It's a keeper! Thank you!!

Zandee – North Carolina

Thanks Lingo. Now my wife and I have been able to call our families that are 3 states away without worrying about running minutes on our cell or waiting for nighttime minutes. Thank you again Lingo.

Wallace, Jr. – Idaho

Lingo is AWESOME! I have been using your service now since 2005! I have hooked up every member of my family (30 people) to Lingo.

Artem – Los Angeles, CA

I have had Lingo for about 3 years and you can't beat it..the service is great and the quality is the best. I haven't had any problems at all and the price is more than reasonable.

David – Alabama

This is the best VOIP service. I make 3 Hour calls to Australia and pay $21.95. I give it 100% in quality and service, Keep it up LINGO!

Carlos – Los Angeles, CA

I’m very satisfied with Lingo.

J. Brennecke – Oregon

This is the best VoIP service!

Ashley – Los Angeles, CA

Great overall experience.

P. Greeno – Oregon

I’ve enjoyed Lingo for almost four years now. Great job Lingo.

David – Texas