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Below you can find links to selected news coverage about Lingo and VoIP.

"Other VoIP Providers Eager to Fill In for Vonage"
April 23, 2007, VoIP News
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"Net-Based Phone Services Can Save Subscribers Money..."
May 12, 2005, The Washington Post
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"Cable's New Pitch: Reach Out and Touch Someone"
May 8, 2005, The New York Times
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March 28, 2005, Lockergnome
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"Voice over IP: Its Time Has Come"
February 15, 2005, WinXPnews
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"Lingo Is Affordable & Reliable"
February 2, 2005, PC WORLD
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"Talk Is Cheaper"
January 12, 2005, PC MAGAZINE
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"Should Your Computer Be Your Telephone"
December 2, 2004, New York Times
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"Lingo VoIP Goes Retail; Primus connects with D-Link for broadband phones sold through retail channels."
November 11, 2004, CommWeb
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"VoIP On The Verge"
November, 2004, Telecommunications Magazine
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"The Manifold Path of Voice Over IP"
September 27, 2004, Telephony Magazine
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"Lingo Offers Flat-Rate Calls to Asia"
September 21, 2004, eWeek
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"Primus Thinks Big About VoIP"
August 16, 2004, ISP Planet
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"Lingo Offers International VOIP Numbers"
August 16,2004, eWeek
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"Internet Calls Add Foreign Accent; Can’t Make It To France This Summer?"
August 15, 2004, USA TODAY
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"Primus launches consumer VoIP service"
July 21, 2004, Telephony Online
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"Primus’ Lingo Sets New VoIP Price Floor"
June 8, 2004, eWeek
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"Primus Speaks VoIP ‘Lingo,’ With $20 Service"
June 7, 2004, TechWeb
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