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Smart Summertime Travel Savings From Lingo

-Savvy business and vacation travelers tap a variety of Lingo services to stay in touch for less

-Travelers who book great airfares and hotel rates can also avoid shocking phone bills on the road

MCLEAN, VA – July 10, 2007 – Lingo (http://www.lingo.com), a leading U.S. consumer and small business voice over IP phone service provider, today outlined unique solutions to help travelers enjoy great savings on calls to family and friends from anywhere in the world.

"Whether you're traveling on a budget or going first class, nothing puts a damper on a great vacation like a pricey phone bill for attempting to stay in touch with the folks back home," said Srinath Narayan, vice president of consumer markets for Lingo, Inc. "Lingo is a traveler's best friend, with personal travel phone numbers that offer international calling at local rates and a portable phone box that goes along in the suitcase and delivers quality Lingo calls from anywhere broadband is available."

The heart of the summer travel season is here and it's time to save coast-to-coast and overseas using an innovative package of services and tips from Lingo.

Lingo "Make it Local"
For international travelers, students and workers who want to contact family in America easily and affordably, Lingo's "Make it Local" personal travel phone numbers offer the ability to call home from 14 countries at local rates. The service can be added to any Lingo service plan for $5 per month for calls from Canada and $10 per month in other plan countries. Lingo "Make it Local" phone numbers are currently available in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico, South Korea, Spain, and United Kingdom.

Lingo Phone Box
Built for travel, the same Lingo Phone Box that enables calling from home is the perfect companion for budget-minded travelers. The small device allows customers to call family and friends from anywhere in the world broadband is available as part of their existing Lingo calling plan. There’s no additional fees, no plan to join, just take it on trips and save.

Lingo Top 3 Travel Calling Tips

  • Never use the hotel phone for local or international calls
    [If you do dial out on the hotel line, get out your wallet to pay extremely high rates]
  • Always know what time zone you're in when calling
    [While Lingo's low rates are offered around the clock, you don't want to wake up family or friends at 3am]
  • Always take your Lingo international calling passport
    [It's a great pocket guide to country codes, dialing tips, and other helpful hints]

About Lingo
A subsidiary of global communications company Primus Telecommunications Group, Incorporated [OTCBB: PRTL], Lingo is one of the most affordable and reliable consumer voice over IP [VoIP] phone services in the U.S. Offering local and long distance calls anywhere in the U.S., to Canada and 21 countries, with more than 20 calling features, Lingo service is offered for $21.95 per month. Lingo customers are saving as much as 50 percent over traditional phone company charges for local and long distance calling services in the U.S. To place and receive calls, Lingo customers only need a broadband Internet connection, a regular phone, and a Lingo Box, which is provided free of charge at the initiation of service.

Lingo is a trademark of Lingo, Inc. For more information about Lingo VoIP phone service, visit www.lingo.com.

Press contact: Paul Sims, 678-576-6126, psims@lingoinc.net

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